Creative Lighting Design

Likely the most wonderful things about creating eco-friendly is the end result of our labor: wonderful crafts which are identifying, upcycled, and constructed with our own two hands. Add solar energy into the mixture, and the project is high in the realm of clean, green, sustainable energy – something which reduces your carbon footprint even with the project entire. With a little know how, you may create ornamental, solar lighting accents for the garden. Case in point: the enchanting solar street lamp project below. Inspired by the intelligent Sharon Keen of Keen Inspiration, the task may have your backyard solar lit in a weekend or less.


A conventional pendant lighting fixture, the kind with numerous curved Arms to support the lights. You are going to be throwing the fixture upside down to form an average street lamp frame contour to keep the multiple globes. Detach the lipped Cups that supported the balls from the ball fixture. Spray them with primer and follow up with a layer of black matte spray paint. Attach the cups to the ends of the arms of the pendant fixture. Super adhesive can be enough to keep them firmly in place. If not, nuts and washers might help secure everything down. Detach the stakes from the solar light and match the lights into the cups.

Fit the balls over the solar lights and fix them into the cups. Attach a brief length of Polyvinyl chloride to the foundation of the fixture, narrow enough to slip quickly into the pole construction. To give the pole some architectural interest, use Polyvinyl chloride pipes with two or 3 different widths, and after that use Polyvinyl chloride adapter pieces to match them into one another. Duct tape and very adhesive helps maintain them securely in position. For the Base of the pole, you may cut a hold into a classic Frisbee and slip the pole through it. Utilize a plastic primer on the Polyvinyl chloride structure, accompanied by a layer or two of black matte paint. The simplest way to fix the street lamp in position is to Plant it in a large flower pot or plastic container. A cement mixture is best, but gravel works in a touch, also.

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