What is the great thing about LED Street lighting compare to the old type?

Replacing your old street light with a new modern LED light is really important somehow. You will get more benefit when using LED street light than the old street light. What are the greatest things of LED street lighting compare to the old street light type? In this article, we will discuss the advantages than using LED street light.

  1. The LED street light is a modern light that is designed with the new technology and it is known to be lighter and safer rather than the ordinary light. LED street lights can be 5-8 times more efficient rather than an ordinary light that uses conventional energy and reduces the energy use up to 75 percent.
  2. A good LED street light can be used up to 50,000 hours or more – which means that it can last 25 times longer than ordinary bulbs. If it is used for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it can be used for more than 3 years.
  3. The LED street light can be used in various areas because of its unique characteristics, such as easy to be maintained, small size, durable, and the ability to focus the light in one spot.
  4. Unlike the old light that can spend 85 % of the energy – LED street light usage is more efficient because it has a little heat.
  5. There is not mercury inside the LED street light, and a research done by the US Department of Energy stated that the LED street light has a small impact to the environment rather than old light and we expect that the intelligent and creative light can be better in the future.
  6. LED spectrum was found by Nick Holon yak in 1962. After that, the LED technology becomes more sophisticated and can give solution for city street light idea due to its energy-efficient.
  7. The fact is that in 2012, about 49 million LEDs use by the people in the US including for street lighting, and it has saved about $675 million annual electricity costs. In the future, when the people replace their LED light it can save more dollars in electricity cost because it reduces the consumption of the electricity power.

Those are seven greatest things that are offered by the LED roadway light. Now, you can decide to buy some LED light for your street lighting.

In summary, now we know that LED light is very efficient and saving energy. Instead of being able to put on the street, this LED light is also good to be install for your home lighting. LED street lighting can be one of the greatest inventions in the world that can save people money. It is also good because it does not produce UV light that can be harmful to your eyes and skin. Therefore, starting from now on, you have to choose LED light to brighten your street and home. Don’t waste your money and electricity energy by using old lights that are now rarely used.

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